Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What is Math?

Math. A simple four letter word that has a BIG meaning. Many may think math is simply just adding and subtracting two numbers. Although this is considered math, there is more depth to a topic that seems so easy to a typical elementary aged child. 
Since the beginning of time, everyone everyday uses math even without realizing it. Math is a building block that we use throughout our daily lives. As one gets older, the definition of math will grow and unfold more and more. This maybe why answering this daunting question is so difficult. 

Math is a language. Math is a tool. Math is a logical science. 

 Wrapping your brain around a problem, grasping on to solve it, and finally having the celebratory relief of solving the problem are the joys of math. This problem solving process has been around and is how math has come about into a formalize form of science. 

This may not answer the question completely, but it is a start...

To share some of my favorite math accomplishments:
1.  Developing a Counting System
2.  Pythagorean Theorem 
3.  Algebra
4.  Trigonometry
5.  Euler's Method

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